What camera calibrations are available in ColorPerfect's PerfectRAW and where can I get more?

So far we have been able to produce our unique camera calibrations for 839 camera models. This took considerable effort to do because all of our calibrations need to be created from actual RAW photos of a special nature. There really is no way to convert any of the flawed camera "calibrations", "profiles", or "matrices" that come with the various other RAW converter products out there to work with PerfectRAW.

If your camera is not listed below that simply means that we have not yet had an opportunity to shoot suitable imagery with a camera of that kind ourselves and that such imagery also has not yet been supplied by one of our users. Most of our calibrations are built into the most recent ColorPerfect. Any calibrations we created after releasing the latest ColorPerfect are available for download as a single *.pfraw file with currently 152 cameras until we include them in a future version of the plug-in. The table below gives an overview on what cameras were added in which version of ColorPerfect and also on the ones currently available for download.

In addition we link to the camera pages at dpreview.com and list the Version of Adobe DNG Converter that is required for use with MakeTiff for the individual camera models. Regretfully DNG Converter 6.4 is the last one Adobe made available to their PowerPC users. The same applies to users of Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard and DNG Converter 7.1. Then Adobe decided to limit the support of older operating systems even further and made DNG Converter 8.3 the last version to work on Mac OS X 10.6.8 Snow Leopard, Windows XP and Windows Vista. After which this unfortunate development sped up on the Mac with DNG Converter version 9.5.1 being the last that will run on OS X 10.7 (Lion) and OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion), DNG Converter version 9.6.1 the last that will run on OS X 10.9 (Mavericks), DNG Converter version 9.12.1 the last that will run on OS X 10.10 (Yosemite), DNG Converter version 10.5 the last that will run on OS X 10.11 (El Capitan), DNG Converter version 11.4.1 the last that will run on macOS 10.12 (Sierra) and DNG Converter version 12.4 the last that will run on macOS 10.13 (High Sierra), Windows 7 and Windows 8.

MakerCameraFiletypeDNG Conv.ColorPerfect
AppleiPhone 6s PlusDNG 5.62.22
AppleiPhone 7DNG 5.62.22
AppleiPhone 7 PlusDNG 5.62.22
AppleiPhone XSDNG 5.6*.pfraw
BlackmagicCinema Camera (BMCC)DNG 5.62.10
BlackmagicPocket Camera (BMPC)DNG 5.62.12
Canon {CHDK}Digital IXUS 100 ISDNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}Digital IXUS 1000 HSDNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}Digital IXUS 110 ISDNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}Digital IXUS 120 ISDNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}Digital IXUS 200 ISDNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}Digital IXUS 30DNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}Digital IXUS 40DNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}Digital IXUS 50DNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}Digital IXUS 55DNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}Digital IXUS 60DNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}Digital IXUS 65DNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}Digital IXUS 70DNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}Digital IXUS 700DNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}Digital IXUS 75DNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}Digital IXUS 750DNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}Digital IXUS 80 ISDNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}Digital IXUS 800 ISDNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}Digital IXUS 85 ISDNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}Digital IXUS 850 ISDNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}Digital IXUS 860 ISDNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}Digital IXUS 870 ISDNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}Digital IXUS 90 ISDNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}Digital IXUS 900 TiDNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}Digital IXUS 95 ISDNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}Digital IXUS 950 ISDNG 5.62.0
Canon {CHDK}Digital IXUS 960 ISDNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}Digital IXUS 970 ISDNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}Digital IXUS 980 ISDNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}Digital IXUS 990 ISDNG 5.6*.pfraw
Canon {CHDK}Digital IXUS i zoomDNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}Digital IXUS WirelessDNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}IXUS 105DNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}IXUS 115 HSDNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}IXUS 125 HSDNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}IXUS 130DNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}IXUS 132DNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}IXUS 135DNG 5.6*.pfraw
Canon {CHDK}IXUS 140DNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}IXUS 145DNG 5.6*.pfraw
Canon {CHDK}IXUS 150DNG 5.62.22
Canon {CHDK}IXUS 155DNG 5.6*.pfraw
Canon {CHDK}IXUS 160DNG 5.62.22
Canon {CHDK}IXUS 175DNG 5.6*.pfraw
Canon {CHDK}IXUS 185DNG 5.6*.pfraw
Canon {CHDK}IXUS 220 HSDNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}IXUS 230 HSDNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}IXUS 240 HSDNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}IXUS 255 HSDNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}IXUS 275 HSDNG 5.6*.pfraw
Canon {CHDK}IXUS 300 HSDNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}IXUS 310 HSDNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}IXY 100FDNG 5.6*.pfraw
Canon {CHDK}IXY 110FDNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}IXY 120DNG 5.6*.pfraw
Canon {CHDK}IXY 130DNG 5.62.22
Canon {CHDK}IXY 140DNG 5.6*.pfraw
Canon {CHDK}IXY 150DNG 5.62.22
Canon {CHDK}IXY 180DNG 5.6*.pfraw
Canon {CHDK}IXY 200DNG 5.6*.pfraw
Canon {CHDK}IXY 200FDNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}IXY 210FDNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}IXY 220FDNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}IXY 30SDNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}IXY 31SDNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}IXY 400FDNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}IXY 410FDNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}IXY 420FDNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}IXY 50SDNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}IXY 600FDNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}IXY 610FDNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}IXY 640DNG 5.6*.pfraw
Canon {CHDK}IXY 90FDNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}IXY Digital 10DNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}IXY Digital 1000DNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}IXY Digital 110 ISDNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}IXY Digital 20 ISDNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}IXY Digital 2000 ISDNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}IXY Digital 210 ISDNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}IXY Digital 220 ISDNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}IXY Digital 25 ISDNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}IXY Digital 3000 ISDNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}IXY Digital 40DNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}IXY Digital 50DNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}IXY Digital 510 ISDNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}IXY Digital 55DNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}IXY Digital 60DNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}IXY Digital 600DNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}IXY Digital 70DNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}IXY Digital 700DNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}IXY Digital 80DNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}IXY Digital 800 ISDNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}IXY Digital 810 ISDNG 5.62.0
Canon {CHDK}IXY Digital 820 ISDNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}IXY Digital 830 ISDNG 5.6*.pfraw
Canon {CHDK}IXY Digital 90DNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}IXY Digital 900 ISDNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}IXY Digital 910 ISDNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}IXY Digital 920 ISDNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}IXY Digital 930 ISDNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}IXY Digital 95 ISDNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}IXY Digital L3DNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}IXY Digital WirelessDNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}PowerShot A1000 ISDNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}PowerShot A1100 ISDNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}PowerShot A1200DNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}PowerShot A1300DNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}PowerShot A1400DNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}PowerShot A2000 ISDNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}PowerShot A2100 ISDNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}PowerShot A2200DNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}PowerShot A2300DNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}PowerShot A2400 ISDNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}PowerShot A2500DNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}PowerShot A2600DNG 5.62.18
Canon {CHDK}PowerShot A3000 ISDNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}PowerShot A3100 ISDNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}PowerShot A3200 ISDNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}PowerShot A3300 ISDNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}PowerShot A3400 ISDNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}PowerShot A4000 ISDNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}PowerShot A410DNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}PowerShot A420DNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}PowerShot A430DNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}PowerShot A450DNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}PowerShot A460DNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}PowerShot A470DNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}PowerShot A480DNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}PowerShot A490DNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}PowerShot A495DNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}PowerShot A530DNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}PowerShot A540DNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}PowerShot A550DNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}PowerShot A560DNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}PowerShot A570 ISDNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}PowerShot A580DNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}PowerShot A590 ISDNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}PowerShot A610DNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}PowerShot A620DNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}PowerShot A630DNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}PowerShot A640DNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}PowerShot A650 ISDNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}PowerShot A700DNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}PowerShot A710 ISDNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}PowerShot A720 ISDNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}PowerShot A800DNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}PowerShot A810DNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}PowerShot D10DNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}PowerShot D20DNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}PowerShot D30DNG 5.62.18
Canon {CHDK}PowerShot ELPH 100 HSDNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}PowerShot ELPH 110 HSDNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}PowerShot ELPH 115 ISDNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}PowerShot ELPH 120 ISDNG 5.6*.pfraw
Canon {CHDK}PowerShot ELPH 130 ISDNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}PowerShot ELPH 135DNG 5.6*.pfraw
Canon {CHDK}PowerShot ELPH 140 ISDNG 5.62.22
Canon {CHDK}PowerShot ELPH 150 ISDNG 5.6*.pfraw
Canon {CHDK}PowerShot ELPH 160DNG 5.62.22
Canon {CHDK}PowerShot ELPH 180DNG 5.6*.pfraw
Canon {CHDK}PowerShot ELPH 185DNG 5.6*.pfraw
Canon {CHDK}PowerShot ELPH 300 HSDNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}PowerShot ELPH 310 HSDNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}PowerShot ELPH 320 HSDNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}PowerShot ELPH 330 HSDNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}PowerShot ELPH 350 HSDNG 5.6*.pfraw
Canon {CHDK}PowerShot ELPH 500 HSDNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}PowerShot G7DNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}PowerShot NDNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}PowerShot S1 ISDNG 5.6*.pfraw
Canon {CHDK}PowerShot S2 ISDNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}PowerShot S3 ISDNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}PowerShot S5 ISDNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}PowerShot S80DNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}PowerShot SD1000DNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}PowerShot SD1100 ISDNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}PowerShot SD1200 ISDNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}PowerShot SD1300 ISDNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}PowerShot SD1400 ISDNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}PowerShot SD200DNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}PowerShot SD30DNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}PowerShot SD300DNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}PowerShot SD400DNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}PowerShot SD4000 ISDNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}PowerShot SD430 WirelessDNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}PowerShot SD450DNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}PowerShot SD4500 ISDNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}PowerShot SD500DNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}PowerShot SD550DNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}PowerShot SD600DNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}PowerShot SD630DNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}PowerShot SD700 ISDNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}PowerShot SD750DNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}PowerShot SD770 ISDNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}PowerShot SD780 ISDNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}PowerShot SD790 ISDNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}PowerShot SD800 ISDNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}PowerShot SD850 ISDNG 5.62.0
Canon {CHDK}PowerShot SD870 ISDNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}PowerShot SD880 ISDNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}PowerShot SD890 ISDNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}PowerShot SD900DNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}PowerShot SD940 ISDNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}PowerShot SD950 ISDNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}PowerShot SD960 ISDNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}PowerShot SD970 ISDNG 5.6*.pfraw
Canon {CHDK}PowerShot SD980 ISDNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}PowerShot SD990 ISDNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}PowerShot SX10 ISDNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}PowerShot SX100 ISDNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}PowerShot SX110 ISDNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}PowerShot SX120 ISDNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}PowerShot SX130 ISDNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}PowerShot SX150 ISDNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}PowerShot SX160 ISDNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}PowerShot SX170 ISDNG 5.62.18
Canon {CHDK}PowerShot SX20 ISDNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}PowerShot SX200 ISDNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}PowerShot SX210 ISDNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}PowerShot SX220 HSDNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}PowerShot SX230 HSDNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}PowerShot SX240 HSDNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}PowerShot SX260 HSDNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}PowerShot SX270 HSDNG 5.6*.pfraw
Canon {CHDK}PowerShot SX280 HSDNG 5.6*.pfraw
Canon {CHDK}PowerShot SX30 ISDNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}PowerShot SX40 HSDNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}PowerShot SX400 ISDNG 5.6*.pfraw
Canon {CHDK}PowerShot SX410 ISDNG 5.6*.pfraw
Canon {CHDK}PowerShot SX420 ISDNG 5.6*.pfraw
Canon {CHDK}PowerShot SX500 ISDNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}PowerShot SX510 HSDNG 5.62.15
Canon {CHDK}PowerShot SX520 HSDNG 5.62.22
Canon {CHDK}PowerShot SX530 HSDNG 5.62.22
Canon {CHDK}PowerShot SX610 HSDNG 5.6*.pfraw
Canon {CHDK}PowerShot SX620 HSDNG 5.6*.pfraw
Canon {CHDK}PowerShot SX700 HSDNG 5.6*.pfraw
Canon {CHDK}PowerShot SX710 HSDNG 5.6*.pfraw
Canon {CHDK}PowerShot TX1DNG 5.62.15
CanonEOS 1000DCR2 4.6, 5.12.0
CanonEOS 100DCR2 7.42.10
CanonEOS 1100DCS2 6.42.0
CanonEOS 1200DCR2 8.42.15
CanonEOS 1300DCR2 9.52.22
CanonEOS 1500DCR2 11.3*.pfraw
CanonEOS 2000DCR2 11.3*.pfraw
CanonEOS 200DCR2 9.122.25
CanonEOS 200D IICR3 11.3*.pfraw
CanonEOS 250DCR3 11.3*.pfraw
CanonEOS 30DCR2 3.42.0
CanonEOS 350DCR2 3.12.17
CanonEOS 400DCR2 3.62.0
CanonEOS 40DCR2 4.22.0
CanonEOS 450DCR2 4.42.0
CanonEOS 500DCR2 5.42.0
CanonEOS 50DCR2 4.6, 5.12.0
CanonEOS 550DCR2 5.7, 6.12.0
CanonEOS 5DCR2 3.32.22
CanonEOS 5D Mark IICR2 5.22.0
CanonEOS 5D Mark IIICR2 6.72.10
CanonEOS 5D Mark IVCR2 9.72.22
CanonEOS 5DSCR2 9.02.18
CanonEOS 5DS RCR2 9.02.18
CanonEOS 600DCR2 6.42.0
CanonEOS 60DCR2 6.22.0
CanonEOS 650DCR2 7.22.10
CanonEOS 6DCR2 7.32.10
CanonEOS 6D Mark IICR2 10.122.25
CanonEOS 700DCR2 7.42.11
CanonEOS 70DCR2 8.22.11
CanonEOS 750DCR2 8.82.18
CanonEOS 760DCR2 8.82.18
CanonEOS 77DCR2 9.102.25
CanonEOS 7DCR2 5.62.0
CanonEOS 7D Mark IICR2 8.72.17
CanonEOS 8000DCR2 8.82.18
CanonEOS 800DCR2 9.102.25
CanonEOS 80DCR2 9.52.22
CanonEOS 9000DCR2 9.102.25
CanonEOS 90DCR3 12.0*.pfraw
CanonEOS Kiss FCR2 4.6, 5.12.0
CanonEOS Kiss MCR3 10.32.25
CanonEOS Kiss M2CR3 13.1*.pfraw
CanonEOS Kiss NCR2 3.12.17
CanonEOS Kiss XCR2 3.62.0
CanonEOS Kiss X10CR3 11.3*.pfraw
CanonEOS Kiss X2CR2 4.42.0
CanonEOS Kiss X3CR2 5.42.0
CanonEOS Kiss X4CR2 5.7, 6.12.0
CanonEOS Kiss X5CR2 6.42.0
CanonEOS Kiss X50CR2 6.42.0
CanonEOS Kiss X6iCR2 7.22.10
CanonEOS Kiss X7CR2 7.42.10
CanonEOS Kiss X70CR2 8.42.15
CanonEOS Kiss X7iCR2 7.42.11
CanonEOS Kiss X80CR2 9.52.22
CanonEOS Kiss X8iCR2 8.82.18
CanonEOS Kiss X9CR2 9.122.25
CanonEOS Kiss X90CR2 11.3*.pfraw
CanonEOS Kiss X9iCR2 9.102.25
CanonEOS MCR2 7.22.10
CanonEOS M10CR2 9.42.21
CanonEOS M100CR2 10.02.25
CanonEOS M200CR3 12.1*.pfraw
CanonEOS M3CR2 9.02.20
CanonEOS M5CR2 9.82.22
CanonEOS M50CR3 10.32.25
CanonEOS M50 Mark IICR3 13.1*.pfraw
CanonEOS M6CR2 9.102.25
CanonEOS M6 Mark IICR3 12.0*.pfraw
CanonEOS RCR3 11.0*.pfraw
CanonEOS R10CR3 14.4*.pfraw
CanonEOS R100CR3 15.3*.pfraw
CanonEOS R3CR3 14.0*.pfraw
CanonEOS R5CR3 12.4*.pfraw
CanonEOS R6CR3 12.4*.pfraw
CanonEOS R6 Mark IICR3 15.0*.pfraw
CanonEOS R7CR3 14.4*.pfraw
CanonEOS R8CR3 15.2*.pfraw
CanonEOS Rebel SL1CR2 7.42.10
CanonEOS Rebel SL2CR2 9.122.25
CanonEOS Rebel SL3CR3 11.3*.pfraw
CanonEOS Rebel T1iCR2 5.42.0
CanonEOS Rebel T2iCR2 5.7, 6.12.0
CanonEOS Rebel T3CR2 6.42.0
CanonEOS Rebel T3iCR2 6.42.0
CanonEOS Rebel T4iCR2 7.22.10
CanonEOS Rebel T5CR2 8.42.15
CanonEOS Rebel T5iCR2 7.42.11
CanonEOS Rebel T6CR2 9.52.22
CanonEOS Rebel T6iCR2 8.82.18
CanonEOS Rebel T6sCR2 8.82.18
CanonEOS Rebel T7CR2 11.3*.pfraw
CanonEOS Rebel T7iCR2 9.102.25
CanonEOS Rebel XSCR2 4.6, 5.12.0
CanonEOS Rebel XSiCR2 4.42.0
CanonEOS Rebel XTCR2 3.12.17
CanonEOS Rebel XTiCR2 3.62.0
CanonEOS RPCR3 11.2.1*.pfraw
CanonEOS-1D Mark II NCR2 3.32.0
CanonEOS-1D Mark IIICR2 4.12.0
CanonEOS-1D Mark IVCR2 5.62.0
CanonEOS-1D XCR2 6.72.10
CanonEOS-1D X Mark IICR2 9.52.22
CanonEOS-1D X Mark IIICR3 12.2*.pfraw
CanonEOS-1Ds Mark IIICR2 4.32.0
CanonPowerShot G1 XCR2 6.72.10
CanonPowerShot G1 X Mark IICR2 8.52.15
CanonPowerShot G1 X Mark IIICR2 10.12.25
CanonPowerShot G10CR2 5.22.0
CanonPowerShot G11CR2 5.62.0
CanonPowerShot G12CR2 6.32.0
CanonPowerShot G15CR2 7.32.10
CanonPowerShot G16CR2 8.22.11
CanonPowerShot G3 XCR2
CanonPowerShot G5 XCR2 9.32.21
CanonPowerShot G5 X Mark IICR3 11.4*.pfraw
CanonPowerShot G7 XCR2 8.72.17
CanonPowerShot G7 X Mark IICR2 9.62.22
CanonPowerShot G7 X Mark IIICR3 11.4*.pfraw
CanonPowerShot G9CR2 4.32.20
CanonPowerShot G9 XCR2 9.32.21
CanonPowerShot G9 X Mark IICR2 9.92.25
CanonPowerShot S100CR2 6.62.0
CanonPowerShot S110CR2 7.32.10
CanonPowerShot S120CR2 8.32.12
CanonPowerShot S90CR2 5.62.0
CanonPowerShot S95CR2 6.32.0
CanonPowerShot SX1 ISCR2 5.42.0
CanonPowerShot SX50 HSCR2 7.32.10
CanonPowerShot SX60 HSCR2 8.72.17
CasioExilim EX-FH100DNG 6.22.0
DxOOneDNG 9.22.20
FujifilmFinePix E550 ZoomRAF 1.02.10
FujifilmFinePix F550 EXRRAF 6.42.0
FujifilmFinePix F700RAF 2.12.10
FujifilmFinePix F810 ZoomRAF 1.02.10
FujifilmFinePix HS10RAF 6.22.0
FujifilmFinePix HS11RAF 6.22.0
FujifilmFinePix S1RAF 8.52.17
FujifilmFinePix S100fsRAF 4.42.0
FujifilmFinePix S2 ProRAF 1.0*.pfraw
FujifilmFinePix S3 ProRAF 3.02.12
FujifilmFinePix S5 ProRAF 4.12.0
FujifilmFinePix X100RAF 6.42.0
FujifilmGFX 100RAF 11.3*.pfraw
FujifilmGFX 100SRAF 13.2*.pfraw
FujifilmGFX 50RRAF 10.5*.pfraw
FujifilmGFX 50SRAF 9.92.25
FujifilmGFX 50S IIRAF 13.4*.pfraw
FujifilmX10RAF 6.62.0
FujifilmX100FRAF 9.92.25
FujifilmX100SRAF 7.42.11
FujifilmX100TRAF 8.72.17
FujifilmX100VRAF 12.2.1*.pfraw
FujifilmX20RAF 7.42.11
FujifilmX30RAF 8.72.17
FujifilmX70RAF 9.42.21
FujifilmX-A1RAF 8.32.12
FujifilmX-A2RAF 8.82.18
FujifilmX-A3RAF 9.82.25
FujifilmX-A5RAF 10.22.25
FujifilmX-A7RAF 12.2.1*.pfraw
FujifilmX-E1RAF 7.22.12
FujifilmX-E2RAF 8.32.15
FujifilmX-E2SRAF 9.42.22
FujifilmX-E3RAF 10.02.25
FujifilmX-E4RAF 13.2*.pfraw
FujifilmXF1RAF 7.22.10
FujifilmXF10RAF 10.4*.pfraw
FujifilmX-H1RAF 10.22.25
FujifilmX-H2RAF 14.5*.pfraw
FujifilmX-H2SRAF 14.4*.pfraw
FujifilmX-M1RAF 8.22.11
FujifilmX-Pro1RAF 7.12.10
FujifilmX-Pro2RAF 9.42.21
FujifilmX-Pro3RAF 12.0*.pfraw
FujifilmXQ1RAF 8.32.12
FujifilmXQ2RAF 8.82.22
FujifilmX-S1RAF 6.72.10
FujifilmX-S10RAF 13.0*.pfraw
FujifilmX-S20RAF 15.3*.pfraw
FujifilmX-T1RAF 8.42.12
FujifilmX-T10RAF 9.12.18
FujifilmX-T100RAF 10.42.25
FujifilmX-T20RAF 9.92.25
FujifilmX-T3RAF 11.0*.pfraw
FujifilmX-T30RAF 11.2*.pfraw
FujifilmX-T4RAF 12.2*.pfraw
FujifilmX-T5RAF 15.0*.pfraw
GooglePixel XLDNG 9.82.22
GoProHero7 BlackGPR 11.1*.pfraw
HasselbladH3D-223FR 5.42.18
HasselbladTrue ZoomDNG 5.62.22
HasselbladX1D3FR 9.82.25
HTCHTC 10DNG 5.62.22
HuaweiP9DNG 11.12.22
KodakDCS PRO BACK 645DCR 2.22.22
KodakKodak EasyShare Z980KDC 5.42.0
Konica MinoltaAlpha Sweet DigitalMRW 3.22.17
Konica MinoltaAlpha-5 DigitalMRW 3.22.17
Konica MinoltaAlpha-7 DigitalMRW 2.42.17
Konica MinoltaDynax 5DMRW 3.22.17
Konica MinoltaDynax 7DMRW 2.42.17
Konica MinoltaMaxxum 5DMRW 3.22.17
Konica MinoltaMaxxum 7DMRW 2.42.17
LeafCredo 40IIQ 7.22.25
LeicaC (Typ 112)RWL 8.12.20
LeicaCLDNG 10.12.25
LeicaC-LUX (Typ 1546)RWL 10.3*.pfraw
LeicaDigilux 3RAW 3.62.0
LeicaD-LUX (Typ 109)RWL 8.72.20
LeicaD-LUX 4RWL 5.22.0
LeicaD-LUX 5RWL 6.42.0
LeicaD-Lux 6RWL 7.22.10
LeicaM (Typ 240)DNG 9.42.22
LeicaM10DNG 9.82.25
LeicaM11DNG 13.4*.pfraw
LeicaM8 {with UV-IR-Filter}DNG 2.32.10
LeicaM9DNG 5.62.0
LeicaQ (Typ 116)DNG
LeicaQ2DNG 11.2*.pfraw
LeicaS (Typ 007)DNG 9.2*.pfraw
LeicaSL (Typ 601)DNG 9.32.20
LeicaSL2DNG 12.1*.pfraw
LeicaT (Typ 701)DNG 8.32.17
LeicaV-LUX (Typ 114)RWL 8.62.20
LeicaV-Lux 2RWL 6.22.0
LeicaV-Lux 3RWL 6.62.0
LeicaV-Lux 4RWL 7.22.10
LeicaV-Lux 5RWL 11.2.1*.pfraw
LeicaX (Typ 113)DNG 8.72.17
LightL16DNG 10.12.25
MicrosoftLumia 950 XLDNG 5.62.22
NikonAW1NEF 8.32.20
NikonCoolpix ANEF 7.42.11
NikonCoolpix P1000NRW 11.0*.pfraw
NikonCoolpix P330NRW 7.42.11
NikonCoolpix P340NRW 8.72.17
NikonCoolpix P6000NRW 4.6, 5.12.0
NikonCoolpix P7000NRW 6.32.0
NikonCoolpix P7100NRW 6.52.0
NikonCoolpix P7700NRW 7.22.10
NikonCoolpix P7800NRW 8.32.12
NikonCoolpix P950NRW 12.2*.pfraw
NikonD100NEF 1.02.10
NikonD200NEF 3.32.0
NikonD2HNEF 2.1*.pfraw
NikonD2XNEF 3.1*.pfraw
NikonD2XsNEF 3.52.0
NikonD3NEF 4.32.0
NikonD300NEF 4.32.0
NikonD3000NEF 5.52.0
NikonD300SNEF 5.52.0
NikonD3100NEF 6.32.0
NikonD3200NEF 7.12.12
NikonD3300NEF 8.42.12
NikonD3400NEF 9.72.22
NikonD3500NEF 11.1*.pfraw
NikonD3SNEF 5.62.0
NikonD3XNEF 5.32.0
NikonD4NEF 6.72.10
NikonD40NEF 3.72.0
NikonD40XNEF 4.02.0
NikonD4sNEF 8.42.15
NikonD5NEF 9.52.22
NikonD500NEF 9.52.22
NikonD5000NEF 5.42.0
NikonD5100NEF 6.42.0
NikonD5200NEF 7.32.10
NikonD5300NEF 8.32.12
NikonD5500NEF 8.82.18
NikonD5600NEF 9.82.25
NikonD60NEF 4.42.0
NikonD600NEF 7.32.10
NikonD610NEF 8.32.12
NikonD700NEF 4.6, 5.12.0
NikonD7000NEF 6.32.17
NikonD7100NEF 7.42.10
NikonD7200NEF 9.02.18
NikonD750NEF 8.72.17
NikonD7500NEF 10.122.25
NikonD780NEF 12.2*.pfraw
NikonD80NEF 3.62.0
NikonD800NEF 6.72.10
NikonD800ENEF 6.72.10
NikonD810NEF 8.62.15
NikonD90NEF 4.6, 5.12.0
NikonDfNEF 8.32.12
NikonJ1NEF 6.62.0
NikonJ2NEF 7.22.10
NikonJ3NEF 7.42.11
NikonJ4NEF 8.52.17
NikonJ5NEF 9.12.18
NikonS1NEF 7.42.12
NikonS2NEF 8.52.17
NikonV1NEF 6.62.0
NikonV2NEF 7.32.10
NikonV3NEF 8.52.15
NikonZ fcNEF 13.4*.pfraw
NikonZ5NEF 12.4*.pfraw
NikonZ50NEF 12.1*.pfraw
NikonZ6NEF 11.1*.pfraw
NikonZ6 IINEF 13.1*.pfraw
NikonZ7NEF 11.0*.pfraw
NikonZ7 IINEF 13.1*.pfraw
NikonZ8NEF 15.3*.pfraw
NikonZ9NEF 14.0*.pfraw
NikonZfNEF 15.5*.pfraw
NokiaLumia 1520DNG 5.62.22
OlympusAir A01ORF
OlympusE-3ORF 4.32.0
OlympusE-30ORF 5.32.0
OlympusE-330ORF 3.42.0
OlympusE-410ORF 4.12.0
OlympusE-420ORF 4.5, 5.02.0
OlympusE-5ORF 6.32.0
OlympusE-510ORF 4.22.0
OlympusE-520ORF 4.5, 5.02.0
OlympusE-620ORF 5.42.0
OlympusOM-D E-M1ORF 8.22.11
OlympusOM-D E-M1 Mark IIORF 9.82.22
OlympusOM-D E-M1 Mark IIIORF 12.2*.pfraw
OlympusOM-D E-M10ORF 8.42.15
OlympusOM-D E-M10 IIORF
OlympusOM-D E-M10 IIIORF 10.02.25
OlympusOM-D E-M10 IIIsORF 12.4*.pfraw
OlympusOM-D E-M10 IVORF 12.4*.pfraw
OlympusOM-D E-M1XORF 11.2*.pfraw
OlympusOM-D E-M5ORF 6.72.10
OlympusOM-D E-M5 IIORF 8.82.17
OlympusOM-D E-M5 IIIORF 12.0*.pfraw
OlympusPEN E-P1ORF 5.52.0
OlympusPEN E-P2ORF 5.62.0
OlympusPEN E-P3ORF 6.52.0
OlympusPEN E-P5ORF 8.12.11
OlympusPEN E-PL1ORF 5.7, 6.12.0
OlympusPEN E-PL10ORF 12.0*.pfraw
OlympusPEN E-PL2ORF 6.42.0
OlympusPEN E-PL3ORF 6.52.0
OlympusPEN E-PL5ORF 7.32.10
OlympusPEN E-PL7ORF 8.72.17
OlympusPEN E-PL8ORF 9.82.22
OlympusPEN E-PL9ORF 10.22.25
OlympusPEN E-PM1ORF 6.52.0
OlympusPEN E-PM2ORF 7.32.10
OlympusPEN-FORF 9.52.21
OlympusStylus 1ORF 8.32.12
OlympusTough TG-4ORF 9.02.18
OlympusTough TG-5ORF 10.122.25
OlympusXZ-1ORF 6.42.0
OlympusXZ-2 iHSORF 7.32.12
OM SystemOM-1ORF 14.2*.pfraw
OM SystemOM-5ORF 15.0*.pfraw
PanasonicLumix DC-FZ1000 IIRW2 11.2.1*.pfraw
PanasonicLumix DC-FZ80RW2 9.92.25
PanasonicLumix DC-FZ82RW2 9.92.25
PanasonicLumix DC-FZ85RW2 9.92.25
PanasonicLumix DC-G100RW2 12.4*.pfraw
PanasonicLumix DC-G110RW2 12.4*.pfraw
PanasonicLumix DC-G9RW2 10.12.25
PanasonicLumix DC-G90RW2 11.3*.pfraw
PanasonicLumix DC-G91RW2 11.3*.pfraw
PanasonicLumix DC-G95RW2 11.3*.pfraw
PanasonicLumix DC-G99RW2 11.3*.pfraw
PanasonicLumix DC-GF9RW2 9.92.25
PanasonicLumix DC-GH5RW2 9.92.25
PanasonicLumix DC-GH5 IIRW2 13.3*.pfraw
PanasonicLumix DC-GH5SRW2 10.22.25
PanasonicLumix DC-GH6RW2 14.3*.pfraw
PanasonicLumix DC-GX7MK3RW2 10.32.25
PanasonicLumix DC-GX800RW2 9.92.25
PanasonicLumix DC-GX850RW2 9.92.25
PanasonicLumix DC-GX9RW2 10.32.25
PanasonicLumix DC-LX100 IIRW2 11.0*.pfraw
PanasonicLumix DC-S1RW2 11.2.1*.pfraw
PanasonicLumix DC-S1HRW2 12.2.1*.pfraw
PanasonicLumix DC-S1RRW2 11.2.1*.pfraw
PanasonicLumix DC-S5RW2 13.0*.pfraw
PanasonicLumix DC-TX2RW2 10.32.25
PanasonicLumix DC-TZ200RW2 10.32.25
PanasonicLumix DC-TZ202RW2 10.32.25
PanasonicLumix DC-TZ220RW2 10.32.25
PanasonicLumix DC-TZ95RW2 11.2.1*.pfraw
PanasonicLumix DC-TZ96RW2 11.2.1*.pfraw
PanasonicLumix DC-TZ97RW2 11.2.1*.pfraw
PanasonicLumix DC-ZS200RW2 10.32.25
PanasonicLumix DC-ZS220RW2 10.32.25
PanasonicLumix DC-ZS80RW2 11.2.1*.pfraw
PanasonicLumix DMC-CM1RW2 8.82.17
PanasonicLumix DMC-FZ100RW2 6.22.0
PanasonicLumix DMC-FZ1000RW2 8.62.15
PanasonicLumix DMC-FZ150RW2 6.52.0
PanasonicLumix DMC-FZ200RW2 7.22.10
PanasonicLumix DMC-FZ2000RW2 9.82.22
PanasonicLumix DMC-FZ2500RW2 9.82.22
PanasonicLumix DMC-FZ300RW2
PanasonicLumix DMC-FZ35RW2 5.52.0
PanasonicLumix DMC-FZ38RW2 5.62.0
PanasonicLumix DMC-FZ70RW2 8.22.15
PanasonicLumix DMC-FZH1RW2 9.82.22
PanasonicLumix DMC-G1RW2 5.22.0
PanasonicLumix DMC-G2RW2 5.7, 6.12.0
PanasonicLumix DMC-G3RW2 6.52.0
PanasonicLumix DMC-G5RW2 7.22.10
PanasonicLumix DMC-G6RW2 8.12.12
PanasonicLumix DMC-G7RW2 9.12.18
PanasonicLumix DMC-G8RW2 9.72.22
PanasonicLumix DMC-G80RW2 9.72.22
PanasonicLumix DMC-G81RW2 9.72.22
PanasonicLumix DMC-G85RW2 9.72.22
PanasonicLumix DMC-GF1RW2 5.52.0
PanasonicLumix DMC-GF2RW2 6.32.0
PanasonicLumix DMC-GF3RW2 6.52.0
PanasonicLumix DMC-GF5RW2 7.12.10
PanasonicLumix DMC-GF6RW2 7.42.18
PanasonicLumix DMC-GF7RW2 8.82.18
PanasonicLumix DMC-GH1RW2 5.42.0
PanasonicLumix DMC-GH2RW2 6.32.0
PanasonicLumix DMC-GH3RW2 7.32.10
PanasonicLumix DMC-GH4RW2 8.52.15
PanasonicLumix DMC-GM1RW2 8.32.12
PanasonicLumix DMC-GM5RW2 8.72.17
PanasonicLumix DMC-GX1RW2 6.62.0
PanasonicLumix DMC-GX7RW2 8.22.11
PanasonicLumix DMC-GX7 Mark IIRW2 9.62.22
PanasonicLumix DMC-GX8RW2
PanasonicLumix DMC-GX80RW2 9.62.22
PanasonicLumix DMC-GX85RW2 9.62.22
PanasonicLumix DMC-L1RAW 3.52.0
PanasonicLumix DMC-LF1RW2 8.12.12
PanasonicLumix DMC-LX10RW2 9.72.22
PanasonicLumix DMC-LX100RW2 8.72.17
PanasonicLumix DMC-LX15RW2 9.72.22
PanasonicLumix DMC-LX3RW2 5.22.0
PanasonicLumix DMC-LX5RW2 6.22.0
PanasonicLumix DMC-LX7RW2 7.22.12
PanasonicLumix DMC-LX9RW2 9.72.22
PanasonicLumix DMC-TX1RW2 9.52.22
PanasonicLumix DMC-TZ100RW2 9.52.22
PanasonicLumix DMC-TZ101RW2 9.52.22
PanasonicLumix DMC-TZ110RW2 9.52.22
PanasonicLumix DMC-TZ60RW2 8.42.15
PanasonicLumix DMC-TZ70RW2 8.82.17
PanasonicLumix DMC-TZ80RW2 9.42.21
PanasonicLumix DMC-ZS100RW2 9.52.22
PanasonicLumix DMC-ZS110RW2 9.52.22
PanasonicLumix DMC-ZS40RW2 8.42.15
PanasonicLumix DMC-ZS50RW2 8.82.17
PanasonicLumix DMC-ZS60RW2 9.42.21
Pentax645D (see note below)DNG, PEF 6.22.0
Pentax645ZDNG, PEF 8.52.15
PentaxK-01DNG, PEF 6.72.10
PentaxK-1DNG, PEF
PentaxK-1 IIDNG, PEF 10.42.25
PentaxK100DPEF 3.62.0
PentaxK100D SuperPEF 4.22.20
PentaxK10DDNG, PEF 3.72.0
PentaxK2000DNG, PEF 4.6, 5.12.0
PentaxK200DDNG, PEF 4.42.0
PentaxK20D (see note below)DNG, PEF 4.42.0
PentaxK-3DNG, PEF 8.32.12
PentaxK-3 IIDNG, PEF 9.12.18
PentaxK-3 Mark IIIDNG, PEF 13.3*.pfraw
PentaxK-30DNG, PEF 7.22.10
PentaxK-5DNG, PEF 6.32.0
PentaxK-5 II (see note below)DNG, PEF 7.32.10
PentaxK-5 IIs (see note below)DNG, PEF 7.32.10
PentaxK-50DNG, PEF 8.22.12
PentaxK-500DNG, PEF 8.22.11
PentaxK-7 (see note below)DNG, PEF 5.42.0
PentaxK-70DNG, PEF 9.82.22
PentaxK-mDNG, PEF 4.6, 5.12.0
PentaxKPDNG, PEF 9.102.25
PentaxK-rDNG, PEF 6.32.0
PentaxK-S2DNG, PEF 9.02.18
PentaxK-xDNG, PEF 5.62.0
PentaxMX-1DNG, PEF 7.42.12
PentaxQDNG, PEF 6.52.0
PentaxQ7DNG, PEF 8.22.12
Phase OneIQ180IIQ 6.52.11
Phase OneIQ3 100MPIIQ 9.92.22
Phase OneIQ3 100MP TrichromaticIIQ 10.4*.pfraw
Phase OneIQ4 150MPIIQ 9.92.22
Phase OneP25IIQ 4.12.25
Phase OneP40+IIQ 6.52.25
RicohCaplio GX100DNG 9.92.12
RicohGRDNG 8.12.12
RicohGR Digital IIIDNG 5.52.12
RicohGR IIIDNG 11.3*.pfraw
RicohGR IIIxDNG 14.1*.pfraw
SamsungGalaxy NXSRW 8.32.12
SamsungNX miniSRW 8.62.17
SamsungNX1SRW 8.72.17
SamsungNX10SRW 6.22.0
SamsungNX100SRW 6.32.0
SamsungNX1000SRW 6.72.10
SamsungNX20SRW 6.72.10
SamsungNX200SRW 6.62.0
SamsungNX2000SRW 8.12.12
SamsungNX30SRW 8.42.15
SamsungNX300SRW 7.42.12
SamsungNX3000SRW 8.52.17
SamsungNX500SRW 9.02.18
SigmafpDNG 12.1*.pfraw
Sigmafp LDNG 13.2*.pfraw
SonyAlpha 1ARW 13.2*.pfraw
SonyAlpha 7ARW 8.32.12
SonyAlpha 7 IIARW 8.82.17
SonyAlpha 7 IIIARW 10.32.25
SonyAlpha 7 IVARW 14.1*.pfraw
SonyAlpha 7CARW 13.0*.pfraw
SonyAlpha 7CRARW 16.0*.pfraw
SonyAlpha 7RARW 8.32.12
SonyAlpha 7R IIARW
SonyAlpha 7R IIIARW
SonyAlpha 7R IIIAARW 13.3*.pfraw
SonyAlpha 7R IVARW 11.4*.pfraw
SonyAlpha 7R IVAARW 13.3*.pfraw
SonyAlpha 7R VARW 15.1*.pfraw
SonyAlpha 7SARW 8.52.15
SonyAlpha 7S IIARW 9.22.20
SonyAlpha 7S IIIARW 13.0*.pfraw
SonyAlpha 9ARW
SonyAlpha 9 IIARW 12.1*.pfraw
SonyAlpha 9 IIIARW 16.1*.pfraw
SonyAlpha A3000ARW 8.22.12
SonyAlpha A5000ARW 8.42.15
SonyAlpha A5100ARW 8.72.17
SonyAlpha A6000ARW 8.42.15
SonyAlpha A6100ARW 12.0*.pfraw
SonyAlpha A6300ARW 9.52.21
SonyAlpha A6400ARW 11.2*.pfraw
SonyAlpha A6500ARW 9.82.22
SonyAlpha A6600ARW 12.0*.pfraw
SonyAlpha A6700ARW 15.5*.pfraw
SonyAlpha DSLR-A100ARW 3.52.0
SonyAlpha DSLR-A200ARW 4.42.0
SonyAlpha DSLR-A230ARW 5.42.0
SonyAlpha DSLR-A290ARW 6.22.0
SonyAlpha DSLR-A330ARW 5.42.0
SonyAlpha DSLR-A350ARW 4.42.0
SonyAlpha DSLR-A380ARW 5.42.0
SonyAlpha DSLR-A390ARW 6.22.0
SonyAlpha DSLR-A500ARW 5.62.0
SonyAlpha DSLR-A550ARW 5.62.0
SonyAlpha DSLR-A560ARW 6.32.0
SonyAlpha DSLR-A580ARW 6.32.0
SonyAlpha DSLR-A700ARW 4.22.0
SonyAlpha DSLR-A850ARW 5.62.0
SonyAlpha DSLR-A900ARW 4.6, 5.12.0
SonyAlpha NEX-3ARW 6.22.0
SonyAlpha NEX-3NARW 7.42.11
SonyAlpha NEX-5ARW 6.22.0
SonyAlpha NEX-5NARW 6.52.0
SonyAlpha NEX-5TARW 8.22.12
SonyAlpha NEX-6ARW 7.22.10
SonyAlpha NEX-7ARW 6.62.0
SonyAlpha NEX-C3ARW 6.52.0
SonyAlpha NEX-F3ARW 7.12.10
SonyAlpha SLT-A33ARW 6.22.0
SonyAlpha SLT-A35ARW 6.52.0
SonyAlpha SLT-A37ARW 7.12.10
SonyAlpha SLT-A55ARW 6.22.0
SonyAlpha SLT-A57ARW 6.72.10
SonyAlpha SLT-A58ARW 7.42.11
SonyAlpha SLT-A65ARW 6.52.0
SonyAlpha SLT-A77ARW 6.52.0
SonyAlpha SLT-A77 IIARW 8.52.17
SonyAlpha SLT-A99ARW 7.22.10
SonyAlpha SLT-A99 IIARW 9.82.22
SonyAlpha ZV-E10ARW 14.0*.pfraw
SonyCyber-shot DSC-HX99ARW 11.1*.pfraw
SonyCyber-shot DSC-RX1ARW 7.32.10
SonyCyber-shot DSC-RX10ARW 8.32.15
SonyCyber-shot DSC-RX10 IIARW
SonyCyber-shot DSC-RX10 IIIARW
SonyCyber-shot DSC-RX10 IVARW 10.02.25
SonyCyber-shot DSC-RX100ARW 7.22.10
SonyCyber-shot DSC-RX100 IIARW 8.22.15
SonyCyber-shot DSC-RX100 IIIARW 8.52.15
SonyCyber-shot DSC-RX100 IVARW
SonyCyber-shot DSC-RX100 VARW 9.82.22
SonyCyber-shot DSC-RX100 VAARW 10.52.25
SonyCyber-shot DSC-RX100 VIARW 9.92.22
SonyCyber-shot DSC-RX100 VIIARW 11.4*.pfraw
SonyCyber-shot DSC-RX1RARW 8.22.11
SonyCyber-shot DSC-RX1R IIARW 9.32.21
SonyZV-1 Mark IIARW 15.4*.pfraw
YIM1DNG 5.62.22
ZeissZX1DNG 12.1*.pfraw

Important note for Pentax 645D, K20D, K-5 II, K-5 IIs, K-7 owners

When shooting DNG instead of the camera's native PEF raw format with the aforementioned five older Pentax camera models there currently is an oddity in MakeTiff's processing chain due to a bug in dcraw we think. When using Adobe DNG Converter to interpolate (which we usually recommend) the final output Tiff file will be in grayscale mode and only contains the red color channel of the linear sensor data. In our preferred work flow we utilize dcraw to copy the readily interpolated data from DNG Converter's output (an interpolated intermediate DNG file) to a plain 16 bit Tiff file.

To circumvent the problem either shoot in PEF format or for any existing DNGs use MakeTiff's secondary interpolation arrangement. For the latter activate the "show advanced options" checkbox in MakeTiff and then choose "interpolate with dcraw (no DNG)". This will produce regular RGB Tiffs that can be processed normally with ColorPerfect's PerfectRAW.

The name of the required MakeTiff option can be a little misleading in this case as you are starting out from a DNG file. What the "no DNG" means is that no second (intermediate) DNG gets created in MakeTiff's interpolation process as Adobe DNG converter is not used at all.

Loading and saving characterization files with ColorPerfect 2.15 and higher

With ColorPerfect 2.15 and later, characterization files can be stored in any location as plain text files with a freely selectable (short) file name. The only requirement is that you use the specific file extensions instead of *.txt.

Use the file extension .negpos for ColorNeg mode, .colorint for ColorPos mode, and .pfraw for PerfectRAW. After you have selected the entry "User" from the manufacturer menu instead of e.g. Kodak, you can comfortably work with the files by means of file open or save dialogs.

Saving & loading characterization files with the legacy Mac 32 bit ColorNeg and ColorPos plug-ins

For our earlier 32 bit plug-ins for Mac OS X things were a bit less straight forward. We really recommend you to get the free upgrade to ColorPerfect 2.25 which resolves these long standing issues and offers so much more.

Using Photoshop 7 and Photoshop CS with the legacy plug-ins you had to copy all auxiliary files you wanted to use into a specific folder. Using more recent Photoshop versions you could organize your files anywhere and specify the folder and filename to use on the Plug-in's user interface using a workaround.

For those not familiar with this workaround and still wanting to use an outdated plug-in for whatever reason the easiest way to get a *.negpos or *.colorint file to work is storing it under a default file name. If you have never edited the file name read-out on the original ColorNeg plug-in the default is ColorNeg.negpos, for the original ColorPos plug-in it is ColorPos.colorint.

Keeping multiple files with different file names was also possible of course. After selecting the User entry from the Maker list and pressing the Load button the set up screen for the auxiliary file path showed. While it was active what's usually the read out for the name of the current characterization file the plug-in became an editable field where you could specify which file you intended to load (without the file's extension).

Auxiliary file locations for the legacy 32 bit plug-ins on the Mac

The following information is a shortened outtake from an old ReadMe.txt file. If you are familiar with that ReadMe.txt already you might want to stop reading here. Of necessity our 32 bit plug-ins for Mac OS X used an odd convention for the folder location of the auxiliary files. The location varies with the version of Photoshop. We would have preferred a better way of doing this, but at least this oddity does not come up that often in normal usage once it has been resolved.

Adobe Photoshop 7 and Adobe Photoshop CS

The location of auxiliary files for Adobe Photoshop 7 and Photoshop CS is very odd and very nearly the same. To get there, double-click Applications in Finder, then double-click Adobe Photoshop x, where x is either 7 or CS. Now locate the Adobe Photoshop x icon you might normally double-click to start Photoshop, but do not double-click. This icon may or may not have .App after the Adobe Photoshop x. Although it does not appear so, this icon is really a folder. Single click with the right mouse button (or control-click on a single button mouse) to bring up a menu of options. Click on the option Show Package Contents. This will open a new Finder window with a folder Contents (and possibly other items). Double-click Contents. That will disclose several other folders. For Photoshop 7 The folder you want is MacOS, while for Photoshop CS, the folder you want is MacOsClassic. That is the folder where the auxiliary files go, so double-click it and transfer in your *.negpos or *.colorint file(s). ColorPerfect and ColorNeg will always read and write their files to and from this folder, so this is where you will always find them. You can create aliases and place them in other folders for easier access if you often work with these files.

Adobe Photoshop CS2 through CS5

These versions of Adobe Photoshop do not write to a peculiar folder, but neither do they make it easy to control where files go. They pick the root folder instead of the hidden folders described for Photoshop 7 and CS. You can just let ColorPerfect put its files in the root folder if you wish, but as the root folder is not really a good place to put files, we provide a clumsy workaround. The root folder is the one with a path that is a single slash, "/" often shown in Finder as Macintosh HD. Put the file ColorPerfectPath.txt in the root folder, then edit that file to contain the path to where you really want the files. As delivered, the ColorPerfectPath.txt file contains the path /Users/MyUserName/Documents, so if you substitute your actual user name for MyUserName , ColorPerfect will put its files in your Documents folder. The path must be a valid path - that means that if you want to use a new folder, you must first create the new folder yourself (probably using Finder) before it will work. Now go to the target folder in your chosen path and transfer in your *.negpos or *.colorint file(s). ColorPerfect will always read and write its files to and from this folder. It is possible to change this path from within ColorPerfect whenever you load or save a file.