Customized plug-in versions with larger preview images for higher screen resolutions:

The download packages supplied below are intended for advanced users. If you have not worked with ColorPerfect or our legacy plug-ins before please start by downloading the standard size version for your operating system to get acquainted with the plug-in and its installation. You will always find the standard download on the right column of these web pages.

The preview image for these plug-ins is designed to fit within the constraints of Photoshop running on a system with a 1024 x 768 display with a large font. Users running higher resolutions expressed a desire for a resizeable dialog box so the preview image could be larger, or an arrangement where the changes are shown in the original image window. Photoshop prohibits the latter for third-party plug-ins and makes the former either impossible or very difficult to achieve reliably. The only exception currently is the Cocoa based 64 bit plug-in for Mac OS X for which we were able to implement a nicely resizable dialog.

So, we have devised an alternative for the other platforms. Since version 1.02b we provide a set of eight dialog sizes for each plug-in (since the introduction of ColorPerfect a set of 16 differently sized plug-ins). The according archives are downloadable below. Sizing of dialogs for the PC and the Mac depends on the display pixel dimensions but also on the display font and the aspect ratio. The best way to insure you will get the dialog size that is best suited to your needs is to try different sizes and see if they fit your system.

The archives contain folders with names like 1024A and 1024B. These serve as guidelines only. As a general rule these two sizes represent the smallest dialog (1024A) and the largest dialog (1024B) that will nearly fill a display that has a horizontal pixel dimension of 1024, depending upon exactly how the display is set up. The difference between A and B is surprisingly large. To fit your specific display start with the size which most closely matches the horizontal dimension of your display and first try the A and B versions of that size. The A-B ranges of the different horizontal dimension sizes tend to overlap, so if you find A to be too small and B to be too large, try the A version of the next largest size or the B version of the next smaller size.

With the introduction of ColorPerfect we have extended that system by introducing another 8 versions with names ending in "w" which are designed for wide screens. As a general rule, the width of a wide screen version is one "step" up the standard scale: 1024, 1280, 1600, 1920, 2304. That is, if you have a wide screen of, say, 1600, then you should start with the wide versions of one step down: 1280AW and 1280BW.

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PS 7 through CS6 & CC through CC 2018, PhotoLine from 15.0, PSE from 2 (32 bit)

PS CS4, CS5, CS6 & CC through CC 2018, PhotoLine from 16.0, PSE from 13 (64 bit)

ColorPerfect in 16 dialog sizes

ColorPerfect versions for Windows (x64)