Creating perfect photos from your slide and negative scans with ColorPerfect: Agfa, DuoScan, FotoLook

Increase the quality of your slide and negative scans from Agfa FotoLook with ColorPerfect! Find out more about how to scan with your Agfa DuoScan. ColorPerfect processes scans with color integrity and gives unprecedented flexibility in creative image editing. To harness the full potential of our Photoshop Plug-in it's important to obtain image data that has been subjected to as little processing as possible (RAW data). The following tutorial gives a step by step explanation on how to achieve this with Agfa FotoLook 3.6.

Creating linear scans of slides, negatives and photos with Agfa FotoLook 3.6

 To create linear scans with FotoLook - which is the scanner software for Agfa's mid range scanners - start the software and select the entry Profiles from the Preferences menu. Select (None) from the Input device list which will disable the other options. This is required to be set twice. Once while Transparent mode is active and once in Reflective mode. After that the settings will be remembered for both modes.

Next select the desired input source for the scan under Original on FotoLook's interface. This can either be Reflective or Transparent. Do not choose Negative as any negative scans are intended to be processed in ColorPerfect's ColorNeg mode later on and thus have to be created in a way preserving the negative as if you were scanning slides. Choose Transparent for any type of transparency including negatives. Next make sure that the settings Mode: Color (RGB) and Bits per color: 16 bits are in place. Now choose the desired resolution for the scan under Input. Select Gamma 1,0 under Tone curve and choose the entry Exposure from the Range list menu. On the panel that is displayed after doing so set the exposure to the minimum possible value. For reflective sources this will be 100 and for transparencies 112. If your scan is too dark a higher value may be chosen. You are now set up to create linear scans by use of the buttons Preview and Scan on the main interface.

Download Agfa FotoLook 3.6 for Agfa's DuoScan and Arcus scanner series

FotoLook 3.6 can be downloaded here. Some of the supported scanner models are: Agfa Arcus II, Agfa Arcus 1200, Agfa Horizon Ultra, Agfa DuoScan, Agfa DuoScan T1200, Agfa DuoScan T2000XL, Agfa DuoScan T2500, Agfa DuoScan HiD and Agfa Duoscan F40.